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When You Succeed, So Do We


At BAUER Financial Services (BFINS), we understand the challenges that come with owning and operating a family-run business. Acquiring the drilling rig your company needs to grow can have a strong effect on your cash position and reduce your line of credit. And managing the complex financing process takes time and attention away from daily operations. 

Industry Knowledge + Market Expertise


BFINS financing experts make the acquisition of a GEFCO rig simple—from our initial meeting through to the final funding. We’re your trusted partner, ready to support you now and in the years ahead with all your financing needs. Need a water truck or hoist truck? No problem. In the market for a new truck or trailer? We can help with that, too.

We combine deep industry knowledge with our asset and market expertise, which helps lenders better understand the water well drilling industry so you can achieve your goals. At BFINS, we measure our success by yours and take pride in helping your business thrive.

Flexibility & Security


BAUER Financial Services combines the strength and security of a corporate entity with the agility and personalization of a family-run business. Rather than rely on off-the-shelf options, we do our due diligence. We carefully review your financials, paying close attention to your budget and bill payments, and familiarize ourselves with your company and the market in which you operate. We then identify the very best financial offerings available, passing those competitive terms on to you.


Exceptional Customer Focus


What differentiates BFINS from banks or equipment lenders is our exceptional customer focus, quick turn-around, and ability to provide the most attractive financing solutions for each client - every time.


Every dollar kept in your pocket benefits your company and lets you sleep better at night, so we focus on securing loan terms and rates that work for you.

Financing Made Easy


Finding the most advantageous financial solution for your company can be challenging. Most customers in the water well drilling business prefer to keep equipment for its lifetime. Financing your acquisition with a longer-term loan keeps payments manageable. Our finance specialists can walk you through the details.

Long-term investment options include loans and finance leases. Here are the benefits of both:


  • Own equipment and pay over time

  • Finance both new and used equipment

  • 100% financing available

  • Finance for up to 7 years

  • Freight and tax can be included in financing

  • Option to pay sales tax monthly (finance lease only)


BFINS can also help you finance other equipment you needed to run your business with our small ticket investment option. We often run specials, so give us a call to discuss how we can save you time and money.

Investments up to $500,000 offer small ticket benefits:

  • No financials are required

  • Finance both new and used equipment

  • Finance attachments, tooling, and casing

  • 100% financing available

  • Finance for 2 to 5 years

  • Freight and tax can be included in financing

Some companies prefer to lease for a shorter period of time. This approach allows customers the flexibility to decide whether to buy, rent, or continue to lease the equipment at a later point.

Short-term investments offer project financing and operate lease benefits:


  • Finance both new and used equipment

  • Flexibility to buy, return, or extend at lease end

  • Finance for 2 to 5 years

  • Sales tax is paid monthly